Monday, September 10, 2018

Bread Halwa

Bread Halwa is a delicious dessert which can be prepared easily.As the name suggests the main ingredient is the bread slices,which is easily available in every house.For me bread is always there in my pantry.Sometimes it gets over very quickly and other times I will have to make something different and finish it before the expiry date.
This Halwa can be made with very little ingredients and  put together in very little time.For the recipe I have used the normal white bread along with it's sides but if you want you can cut the edges.This was something which I wanted to try from a long time,but I used to get a feeling it would taste similar to the French toast so I kept postponing.Actually whenever I crave for sweets I don't go for halwas thinking of the amount of ghee and sugar used in them.
After I made this,my hubby told me he had this from his office and it tasted the same.It can be served warm or cold but I liked it more when it was cooled.On to the recipe:

Bread  6 medium slice
Milk   2 Cups
Ghee 1/3 cup
Cashew nuts  7-8
Sugar 5 tbsp
-Tear the bread slices into small pieces and keep aside.
-Heat a wide nonstick pan,add ghee and fry the Cashew nuts and keep aside.
-Now in the same ghee add the torn bread pieces(spread it) and fry till light golden color(the bread will quickly absorb the ghee).
-Now add the milk,mix well and add the sugar.
-Add the fried cashew nuts and keep stirring till the whole mixture forms into a lump leaving the sides of the pan.
-Once the ghee oozes out you can switch off the flame and transfer into a serving bowl.Serve warm or after 4-5 hours later.


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