Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Semolina Halwa/Sooji Halwa

Another 10th and time for the MFB Challenge.This month I never thought I would participate because the whole month of March till today I have been very busy.Once the school re opened I thought I will have enough time for myself but nothing happened like that.There will be always something or the other.We had guests most of the days and then my exams on Tajweed class I attend.
This time the theme given to us for the MFB challenge was 'Cooking from a muslim blog.'And the blog given was one which needed not much introduction 'This Muslim Girl Bakes'.It was to prepare any dish  from this lovely blog which was a real task.This blog has so many drool worthy, step by step pictures and recipes.
     As I have mentioned I didn't have much time to select between so many recipes,within the little time I had ,this recipe caught my eyes.For some recipes I searched I didn't have all the ingredients mentioned in the recipe.For this recipe I had to make slight changes ,among the main change was in the addition of Butter.The recipe calls for 140 g of butter which I cut down to 80 g,and also increased the amount of sugar from 180 g to 200 g.The whole house was filled with the roasting aroma.This is similar to the kesari we make but more of aroma and a lovely color.I didn't get much time to take a better image also.Somehow I just wanted to post it on time.You can find the original recipe at Faatimah's blog.

For the Sugar Syrup
Water   1 L
Caster Sugar  200 g
Cardamom 6-7 broken into half
Rest Of The Ingredients
Butter  80 g
Fine Semolina 180 g
Raisins a fistful (optional)
Almonds a few (to garnish)
-In a saucepan add water sugar and Cardamoms.Stir and bring this to a boil,then simmer until the liquid is clear and the sugar is completely dissolved.Keep this aside on low flame till needed.
-Take a large deep pan and place over a medium heat.Add in the butter and let it melt completely.
-Now add in the Semolina and keep stirring it over medium-low heat.
-Stir until it release its oil,the color changes into caramel brown and you can smell the nice roasting aroma.This may take around 5-10 minutes or a little more.Be careful not to burn it.
-Now ,over a low heat ,ladle the sugar syrup into the semolina little at a time.Be careful at this point because it will splutter and hiss.Stir it all in and then cook stirring over medium heat until it begins to pull away from the sides of the pan.  
-At this point you can add the raisins and remove from the stove top.
-Serve hot or cold.This will solidify slightly on cooling, so you can cut  it into any shape and serve.


  1. I missed the challenge this month :(. I love this recipe, looks really delicious

  2. I was initially planning to make this. I love Pakistani sooji halwa that we get at the restaurants here along with the pooris... they are so greasy but really delicious! I was also scared by the quantity of butter hehe... but since you reduced it and still got a delicious looking halwa, I must try it... but with ghee... ;)

  3. lovely recipe...easy and quick....lovely selection for the challenge


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