Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Carrot Milk Shake

 Carrots are served either raw in salads or it is served cooked in many forms like simple stir-fry to juices shakes,cakes, halwas etc.They have plenty of health benefits,specially they are good for improving eye sight.
    Here's  a recipe for a tasty Carrot milk shake:

1.Carrots            220gms
2.Milk                 1/2 L
3.Sugar               5-6 tbsp (as per taste)
4.Vanilla Ice cream       as needed
5.Fried cashew nuts       ("   "   )

 Preparing Method
-Peel the skin of the Carrot and roughly cut into pieces.
-Now steam or boil these till soft and allow it to cool.
-Meanwhile freeze the milk for sometime.
-Coarsely grind the fried nuts and keep aside.
-Now in a blender add the cooked Carrot pieces,milk and sugar.Blend till smooth.
-Pour this into the serving glass.
-Serve each glass of this Carrot shake with a scoop of ice-cream topped with the fried nuts.

*Fry the nuts in a frying pan with 1/4 tsp ghee.
*You can pressure cook the carrots also.To check whether the carrots are done you can penetrate a fork.The fork should easily penetrate through the  carrots.
*If you are boiling the carrots,strain the water and then use.



  1. carrot with milk
    i never used it
    how does it taste ummu

    look seems wonderful though

  2. Refreshing milkshake. First time here. Happy to follow

  3. Looks delicious.... Like to grab a cup :-)


  4. Very healthy to me..looks yumm

  5. Such a heathy drink and it will taste wonderful too. My fav carrots.

  6. Never thought of this combo. must be yummy. surely try for kids.

  7. Wow that is such a healthy and yummy drink :) Looks so delectable loved the color :)

  8. wow...this sounds really interesting!! Loved the bright colour too :)

  9. Nice blog, following you :)
    Carrot and Paneer- Dish it out event announcement

  10. A new shake.Carrot & milk sounds interesting & healthy, will surely try.

  11. have never ever tried the carrot milk shake just a different version love it


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