Friday, January 18, 2013

Sweet Bread Fry/French Toast

 Here's a simple & easy evening snack specially for kids.This is a regular snack in most houses of Malabar.If there are sudden guests then there is always a snack with bread that is either this one or the spicy version of this along with something made with plantains like this one or this.These are the basic ones but when planning to make it elaborate then the dishes are endless :)
Now to make this easy snack you need :
Bread(medium size)        7-8 slices
Eggs                               2
Milk                                1/2 cup
Sugar                             3-4 tbsp
Vanilla essence               1/4 tsp
Ghee                              to grease the pan
-Cut each bread slice into triangular shape.
-In a bowl add the eggs and sugar.Beat till the sugar dissolves.Now add the essence and milk.Mix well.
-Heat a frying pan,add a little ghee & spread it evenly on the bottom.
-Now dip each bread slice into the egg-milk mix,soak both sides and the edges and fry till both sides are done.

*Don't make the bread slices too soggy in the egg- mixture that you are unable to place them on the pan & while cooking too it becomes difficult to flip.


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