Friday, January 18, 2013

Sweet Bread Fry/French Toast

 Here's a simple & easy evening snack specially for kids.
Bread(medium size)        7-8 slices
Eggs                               2
Milk                                1/2 cup
Sugar                             3-4 tbsp
Vanilla essence               1/4 tsp
Ghee                              to grease the pan
-Cut each bread slice into triangular shape.
-In a bowl add the eggs and sugar.Beat till the sugar dissolves.Now add the essence and milk.Mix well.
-Heat a frying pan,add a little ghee & spread it evenly on the bottom.
-Now dip each bread slice into the egg-milk mix,soak both sides and the edges and fry till both sides are done.

*Don't make the bread slices too soggy in the egg- mixture that you are unable to place them on the pan & while cooking too it becomes difficult to flip.


  1. I make this often during my childhood days, love have just forgot it completely..Looks so good :)

  2. Yummy toast.. thank you


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