Sunday, June 14, 2015

Rambutan Lemonade-Along With My Memories About A Singapore Trip

I ate this fruit for the first time during a holiday trip in Singapore.This translucent pale whitish fruit with a hairy skin (which is why it got its name) had piqued my interest at that age.You can know more about this fruit here.

It was during one of my school vacation that my Dad planned to go to this beautiful place,Singapore.I with my parents and siblings really enjoyed the stay for three weeks visiting places,taking photos and also enjoying outside meals and eating this fruit.My Grandfather was in Singapore during that time,he had a shop there.Also one of my Great uncle was a Singapore citizen and had his family there.He was a long-time Chief Editor,of a Newspaper there,called 'Malaysia Malayali' a veteran journalist whose association with the paper goes back to the very beginning of its publication.But the time we visited him ,he was a tired and retired man.Whenever my Grandfather was busy,it was with that Uncle's wife ('Amajaan'...she liked us calling her that way)or with their children that we used to visit the places.
  I still remember those days spent in Singapore.The Singapore Zoo,Botanic gardens,The Bird Park,The Tiger Balm Garden and of course the Cable Car ride at Sentosa...Other than getting up early in the morning(Singapore time is 5 hours ahead of Qatar) so when Umma calls us by 5-6 am,I start calculating Doha time and tell her its only this much in  Doha...but when she tells us to get ready ''we are visiting such and such place today'',a positive energy gets into us to speed up every thing.
After we returned back to Doha my eyes was always in search of this fruit,but at that time it was not very popular here.Also there weren't any super or hypermarket here.But one day after school  umma really surprised us with this fruit along with Mangosteen.Can't imagine how eager we were to eat it even before washing our hands hehe.But now these fruits are very common everywhere,I have eaten both these fruits from India,that too my place,where otherwise it's difficult to get these type of fruits.
   Now also its the same way how I and now my children too love these.We love to have both these fruits on its own,enjoy eating as it is rather than making juices or anything.But recently we purchased this in bulk and the size was a little small and less sweet compared to the usual ones.So,I thought to try a cooler taking a few and then changed into a lemonade to beat the afternoon heat.Now over to the recipe:
Rambutan     4-5 
Cold Water     250ml
Sugar           2 tbsp(or as per taste)
Lemon         1
-Take each Rambutan and with a knife make an incision into the skin and peel the skin apart with your fingers.Cut out the flesh part taking care not to cut through the seeds.
-Cut out the lemon ,discard the seeds and squeeze to take out the juice.
-Now add the pieces along with sugar water and the lemon juice into a blender and blend till smooth.
-Serve with ice cubes.


  1. I love rambutan, it has got such a sweet beautiful taste.. Refreshing and delicious lemonade..

  2. lovely memories, ruxana... it was so nice reading through it, childhood memories, however limited it may be... rambuttan lemonade sounds interesting... my brother loves this fruit so whenever we find it, we buy and he finishes of the stock...

  3. It was really nice to read ur memories and how food can bring back a flood of that. Finding a long lost food is almost like finding a treasure I really know how u feel because it has happened to me many times after moving to US. Love the idea of lemonade.Looks really inviting. Hope u are in the fasting prep mode.
    Thank u so much for all ur kind words on my space. It means a lot to me.

  4. I have never tasted this fruit ..the lemonade looks so good... Lovely post dear

  5. Refreshing this fruit, will try this inshaAllah...

  6. Its difficult getting very fresh ones but we get the canned ones perfect thirst quencher to break the fast.

    1. When not in season we too sometimes buy canned ones...Thanks for stopping by :)

  7. Hearing about the fruit for the first time! The drink looks very refreshing.

  8. Very refreshing drink and I had this fruit while I was living in Singapore...You brought back some memories dear...Well written post!!...Thanks for sharing!!

  9. refreshing and lovely drink, nice clicks and wonderful memories...

  10. Never heard about this fruit.........a new & refreshing drink.awesome presentation.

  11. Good memoriesare like shower of rain in bad times. Always to be cherished.
    Between I have tasted rambuttan but never liked its taste. But using in lemonade sounds interesting.


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