Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mosambi/Sweet Lime Juice

Most of the time I feel every food has a story or some unforgettable reasons in ones life to love that particular dish or fruit or vegetable or even to dislike them.Sometimes the reasons may be very simple but it brings back some memories.I have already posted one previously on my blog here.
Today's recipe is a simple Mosambi juice,also called as Musambi.A fruit found selling in most parts of our place back home.We don't get to find this type here in Doha,the most found here is this.This fruit is from the citrus family with a sweet taste.The yellowish green colored ones have a sweeter taste than the hard green colored skin ones.
This one fruit was my energy booster while carrying my elder son.The first four months with all those morning sickness and the tiring days,I couldn't drink or eat anything except this juice.
Ingredients Needed
Mosambi/Musambi/Sweet Lime  2 nos.
Cold Water  1/2 cup
Sugar     2-3 spoon (as per taste)
-Cut each fruit vertically into four pieces and then peel the skin  and remove the seeds and the white part.
-Add everything in a blender and blend for a minute.
-Now strain this,pour into glasses and serve.


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