Thursday, August 2, 2018

Papaya - Avocado Salad With Vinegar-Honey Dressing

Days and weeks are just flying,already one month summer vacation is over.Two weeks back my Cousin started a Cafeteria and there was its inauguration.His elder son is Adi's age so when ever we meet in each others house they play together and are very friendly.My children know my Cousin only as Raz's Dad and not how we are all related.The maximum my children know about a relative is ,it is from their mother's side or Dad's side.Though their house is very far from ours his cafeteria is located just a signal away from our house .This two weekends our dinner was parceled from there.

     As it is vacation time children sleep a little late.Most of the time they ask to tell some stories or incidents of our times etc.On the inauguration day there were other cousins also,so that night my boys wanted to know why such and such person called the other Aapa,Muthapa etc..Adi took a paper and pencil and told me to draw a family tree and I did so and to make it easier for him I explained his relation with his near cousins here.In the end it did work well and it was like both of them understood everything well :)
Today's recipe is a simple salad which can be prepared in a jiff.I have served the salad on Lettuce leaves but if you want you can just chop the leaves and mix it with the other ingredients.Do prepare this and let me know :)
Papaya  peeled and cubed  1 cup
Avocado    ''              ''         1 cup
Lettuce       2 leaves
Pomegranate seeds   1/4 cup

For the Dressing
Vinegar  1 tsp
Salt   A generous pinch
Honey  3 tsp
Olive Oil  1 tsp
Green chillies  1-2 chopped

-First in a small bowl add all the ingredients 'For dressing' and mix well using a whisk.
-Now in a large bowl add Papaya,Avocado and Pomegranate seeds.
-Mix in the vinegar and Honey dressing and toss well.
-Now in a serving plate lay two Lettuce leaves and serve the salad on it.


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