Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Caramel Pop Corn/ Sweet And Sticky Pop Corn

I remember when we were young once during our summer vacation in India Ummi prepared Pop corns and every one was like ''Ooh you have bought the pop corn machine eh?''They wouldn't or couldn't believe it was made on stove top in a cooking vessel.It was the time when there weren't any supermarkets nearby in our area and nobody used microwave or any such things.They didn't know about these kernels (other than Corn on the cob) nor did they know how to make this.There were a few bachelor relatives who had eaten Pop Corns but they too didn't know it could be made very easily at home.

This recipe was in my drafts from a very long time actually 4-5 years back.It was the time when my younger sister and her kid visited Qatar.I used to just pop the corn ,it was she who showed me to caramelize it.From then it was always this sweet sticky pop corns for my children.
I have used the stove top method here,but you can make Pop corns in a microwave oven also.Now off to the recipe..
To Pop the Corn
Popcorn kernels  1/3 cup
Oil  2 tbsp
-Heat a large heavy bottom pan with lid (or you can use your Pressure cooker).
-Add oil and the kernels and saute for a second just to make sure all the kernels are coated with oil.It will begin to sizzle.
-Just when you see one kernel popping ,immediately cover the pan with its lid and wait till all the kernels pop.Shake the pan along with it's lid once or twice so that everything gets popped.
-Once the popping sound slows down shake the pan again and switch off the flame.
-After about 2 minutes take the lid off the pan,so that the pop corns don't turn soggy with the steam.

For the Caramel sauce
The prepared Pop Corns
Salted Butter 1/2 tbsp
Water 1/4 cup
Sugar  4 tbsp
-Heat a large pan with Water and Sugar.
(You can use the same pan after transferring the pop corns to another bowl)
-Let it boil on medium high heat.When it turns foamy and change its color slightly,add in the butter.
-Immediately add the prepared Pop corn all at once,mix well till all are coated and then switch off the flame. 

* I added the butter and Corn when the syrup slightly started to change to golden color,but if you want a deeper color ,wait a little more and swirl the pan gently to get an even color and then add butter and the Pop Corns.And be very careful while mixing. 


  1. I have tasted the caramel ones but never tried at home,interesting and perfect... am sure kids will love these !!

  2. Interesting way to caramelise them.. Shud try :)

  3. I love pop corns but have never tried making them at home.

  4. aahhh my favorite. I just share 3 classic popcorns on my blog :) same pinch

  5. Love caramel popcorn. These look really good.


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