Friday, November 1, 2013

Muringakka Chemmeen Curry/Drumstick Prawns Curry

Prawns                    250 - 300g (cleaned)
Drumsticks              3 (tender ones)
Onion                   1 big
Tomato                 1 big
Garlic cloves              2 crushed
Green chilly              2 slit lengthwise 
Chilly powder          11/4 tsp
Coriander powder   2 tsp
Turmeric powder     1/2 tsp
Water                       2 cups 
Salt                         as needed
Curry leaves             2 sprig
Oil                           2 tbsp

Coconut grated        1 cup
Turmeric powder      1/4 tsp
Water                      3/4 cup
Method of preparing
-Cut the drumstick into 2 ''pieces lengthwise,chop the onion and tomato finely,crush the garlic pods and slit the green chillies and keep aside.
-In a blender add grated coconut,turmeric powder and water,grind this into a smooth paste and keep aside.
-Heat a pan and add oil.
-Now add the chopped onion.Saute well and add green chilly,garlic and curry leaves.
-When the onions turn transparent add in the chopped tomatoes,saute well till the tomatoes become soft.
-Add all the powders and saute till the raw smell goes (on low flame without burning).
-Add water and when the water starts to boil add the drumstick pieces.
-When the drumsticks are 3/4th done add in the prawns and cook till done.
-When both are cooked well ,add the coconut paste,stir well and let it boil for a minute.Now turn off the flame.
-Can be served with rice or rotis.


  1. lovely combination! my mom makes this <3 your post recalled the days mom used to make it! we dont make this often now

  2. Chemmeen curry looks yummy.
    I too have a variation of this coming up soon.

  3. this is my favorite vegetable and kids too. love the gravy.

  4. flavorful kulambu..great dish for prawn lovers

  5. Lovely. What a combo.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Hearing for the first time. Your blog is good.Visiting today..that too first time.
    Shobas Delight

  7. looks so delicious and rich gravy,looks like a nice time,I'll try murunga in this recipe

  8. Fascinating and unique combo Ruxana.. This curry looks yummy :-)


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