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Avial is a mix of different vegetables in a coconut and yogurt mixture.This comes under the list of sadhya recipes,it is one of the main side dish of sadhya.Coming to the recipe
Drumstick            2
Beans                  8-10
Elephant Yam/Chena    160g
Raw Plantain              1
Carrot                1 (110g)
Pumpkin              110g
Potato                110g

Water               11/2 cup
Turmeric powder    3/4 tsp
Green chilly      2-3
Salt             to taste

Coconut grated    1cup
Shallots      6-7
Cumin seeds      1sp

Yogurt (thick)     1cup

Coconut oil    2 tsp
Curry leaves   2 sprig

Preparing Method
-Peel and cut all the vegetables into 1.5'' lengthwise.
-Coarsely grind  the coconut,shallots and cumin seeds without adding water and keep aside.
-Heat a wide mouthed utensil adding all the vegetables,turmeric powder,slit green chilly, salt and water.
-Once the vegetables are cooked (be careful not to overcook),add the ground coconut mixture.Mix it well with the vegetables by stirring.
-After 2 minutes put the flame at very low and add the slightly whisked yogurt.Mix this well with the vegetables and just before boiling,off the flame.
-Add the coconut oil and the curry leaves.Keep covered for 10-15 minutes and then serve.

*You can use any vegetables of your choice,but use the stiff ones and not the mushy ones.
*Avial is prepared in a dry form,but here we all like it in a gravy form therefore you can add the coconut and yogurt according to your taste and like.

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  1. similar to how my umma makes... thanks for linking... :)

  2. Oh yummy avial !!! I just can't tell u how much I love it.

  3. Very comforting and filling avial.

    today's post:

  4. One yum aviyal my alltime favorite ;)

  5. One lovely and healthy bowl of avial, love it with adai super...

  6. Avial is one of my fav sides Ruxana. Sadly I don't make it that often - I have an avial hater at home! Yours looks delish :)

  7. Aah what a co incidence !! I too prepared avail yesterday and there is very slight variation in my recipe.. Will share soon!

  8. love your clicks...and avial looks too tempting...:)

  9. This is my fav dish and among all the veg, I am so tempted with the drumsticks. Its difficult to come by at my place these days yet if I get, I am gonna add it into this creamy avial.

  10. A healthy & delicious avial.........looks very rich.


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