Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crushed Watermelon Drink

To imagine summers without Watermelons is next to impossible.I think its a favorite summer fruit for many ,surely for my family.

Water melons are just not 'thirst quenchers' but carries a lot of Vitamins and is a great source of Minerals like Potassium  and Magnesium.The best thing is it does not contain any fat or cholesterol and more than 90% of it is water content.You can have it in your salads or eating just like that also fills your tummy.
Eating this fruit by itself gives you its natural delicious taste but for a change you can make a watermelon shake or crush it into your serving bowl or glass with or without sugar and have it.It is very tasty to have it this way spooning the pieces along with it's own juice and this way kids don't make a mess with water melon.We prepare it this way during Iftar and everyone loves it :) Now on to the recipe:

Watermelon    Quarter of a medium size (for two glasses)
Sugar/Honey     1-2 tsp
-Remove seeds and put the Watermelon pieces in a bowl.Using a spoon(flat tbsp) crush it well.Or just add the large pieces in the bowl and crush it with the spoon,the seeds will get separated.
-Add sugar and mix well.Pour this into the serving glass along with a spoon.

*If you are using honey,you can add honey after you pour the crushed pieces into the serving glass,1 tsp honey in each glass.

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