Thursday, November 8, 2012

Crushed Watermelon Drink

To imagine summers without Watermelons is next to impossible.I think its a favorite summer fruit for many of us.
       Water melons are just not 'thirst quenchers' but carries a lot of Vitamins like Vit.A,Vit B6,Vit.C etc.It is a great source of Minerals like Pottasium  and Magnesium.The best thing is it does not contain any fat or cholesterol.Having it in your salads fills you and prevent you from over-eating.
          Rich in electrolytes and water content(92% water) it is an ideal health drink.
Eating this fruit by itself gives you its natural delicious taste but for a change you can make a watermelon shake or crushed watermelon drink.
 To prepare Watermelon crush
Chilled Watermelon        few pieces(for two glasses)
Sugar/Honey                          2 tsp
      Remove seeds and put the Watermelon pieces in a bowl.Add sugar and using a spoon(a flat tblsp) crush the melon along with sugar.Pour this into the serving glass along with a spoon.Garnish with mint leaves.
*If you are using honey,you can add honey after you pour the crushed pieces into the serving glass,1 tsp honey in each glass.

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