Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Cucumber Coconut Salad

Today is the 10th of the month and yes guessed it right :) time for our July MFB Challenge.This time the theme or the ingredient to try was the humble green Cucumber,which I think is a veg loved by all age group.Children like eating it as such,even elderly people in my family back home have this but in a cooked way to make it a little soft.
I remember my Dad other than the weekend grocery purchase, on daily basis when he returns from his office in the afternoon  for lunch he brings home Cucumbers,Papad and yogurt.Now also when in India he brings Cucumbers and Mangoes(when in season) along with yogurt every day or at least on alternative days when coming home after his Duhr prayers.Sometimes these cucumbers are sliced and had with addition of a little salt and lime juice or finely chopped into the yogurt or else made into this Cucumber Coconut Salad.You can have this Salad as a side with Biriyani also as it tastes more of a Chammanthi.Off to the recipe:

Cucumbers 3 finely chopped
Coconut grated  3/4 cup
Garlic 1 small clove
Green Chillies   3 nos.
Salt   1/4 tsp or as needed
Lime juice  2 tsp
Method Of Preparation
-In a small jar of the Mixi  add the Coconut,green chillies and the garlic.Grind coarsely without water (for 3-4 seconds).
-Add this to a bowl .Add in the chopped Cucumbers,salt and Lime juice.Mix well and serve. 


  1. Interesting to see coconut added to cucumber..healthy salad !

  2. This is so interesting! I would love to try how cucumbers taste with coconut. In our house, cucumbers disappear from the fridge just like that, so we hardly experiment with it.

  3. Sounds and looks so refreshing. I must give this a try.

  4. I never tried coconut in salad recipes.. looks great and easy to make.

  5. This seems cool, appetising and healthy..


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