Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kaara Appam

This is a simple way of making Kaara Appam without using eggs or sugar.This can be served as a breakfast with your favorite curry or use as a snack item with tea..This type of Kaara appams are usually prepared in most of the houses at the Kannur side and these are called 'Kaara Appam' because it is prepared in a"Kaara''/aebleskive pan

Ingredients needed 
White Rice/Pachari           1 cup
Cooked parboiled rice       1/2 cup+2tbsp 
Water             1/2 cup + a little
Salt                1/2 tsp (as needed)
Oil             for deep frying
-Soak rice for 2-3 hours.Wash drain and then grind it together with the other ingredients till smooth.
-Heat the kaara/aebleskive pan and pour oil in each mould.
-When the oil is hot, pour a ladle of the batter in each mould till 3/4th.
-Cook on medium heat.When it rise, flip(using a fork slowly turn over) and cook the other side also.
-Once cooked remove from the pan on a tissue paper.Serve with your favorite (spicy) curry.

 *Once cooked it will float in the oil.


  1. Adore the soft texture of these little beauties.

  2. So without fermentation or sour agent this appam rises right! I have to try this.Thanks for the recipe Ruxana.

  3. Kara appam looks so spongy and very delicious :) feel like grabbing some ,dip them in a spicy chutney and enjoy them :)

  4. Can have this kaara appam with some spicy chutney.

  5. Very new to me , sounds intresting

  6. Appams look so fluffy and wonderful. Do visit my blog for a giveaway by Tasty Bite Eatables! http://www.annarasaessenceoffood.com/2013/10/food-event-your-favourite-festive-eats.html

  7. Looks so yum and loved it :) Thanks for sharing :)


  8. This kaara appam looks delicious and full o good health.


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