Thursday, September 25, 2014

Banana Fritters/Pazham Nulliyittathu

Whenever there are ripe bananas at home(not ripe but over ripe) then these fritters come as savers.That is;while thinking what to do with these Bananas....Neither anybody in the family likes dumping food in the dustbin nor anybody will eat those ripe ones.So this the perfect thing to do.This is an easy snack recipe.
Ripe Bananas        300g
Sugar                    3-4 tbsp
Salt                       1/4 spoon
Flour/Maida         13/4 cup
Water                    3/4 to 1 cup
Oil                       for deep frying
-In a bowl add the ripe bananas(peeled) and mash it well with your fingers.Now add in the sugar and salt and mix well.
-Now add the flour and make a semi thick batter adding water.
-Heat a wok with oil.When the oil turns hot enough,drop in the batter little by little.
-When both side turns golden brown remove the fritters using a slotted spoon on tissue paper.
-Serve with tea.


  1. We call this as gulgulas and mostly made by my grandma. My mom made this last sunday and it was yess too yummm :D urs are light shaded and nice

  2. Am ready to munch some anytime, dangerously addictive fritters..

  3. New & interesting recipe...................lovely fritters.

  4. yumm... I also make it in the same way. easy and tasty.

  5. Delicious & cute fritters....................perfect snack for tea time.

  6. we call this pinjiyappam... enthokke perukala, alle... :)

  7. very yummy! seems tasty! thanks for sharing :)

  8. my all time favourite! lovin' it.. perfect for teatime

  9. Very delicious fritters. beautifully done.

  10. wow such an tempting fritters with bananas :) Wud love to have then right away !!

  11. Such a simple and nice recipe.. I love bananas and will try it out.


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