Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Caramel Cake - My 100th Post/Caramel Cake In Pressure Cooker

This cake is totally different from the usual soft moist cakes because it does not have a spongy texture but tastes real good.This is usually served as a snack.The addition of the caramel syrup gives it a lovely flavor, taste and its color. 
Eggs          4
Sugar         200 g
Flour(Maida)      130 g
Baking powder     1/4 tsp
Ghee         1/4 cup
Lime juice    2 tsp
Cashew nuts    a few
Raisins       a few
To caramelize sugar
Sugar   4 tbsp
water    4-5 tbsp
Method of preparation
Preparing caramel syrup
-Heat a pan add sugar and keep on medium flame until the sugar starts to melt.Stir using back of a spoon till all the sugar dissolves completely and the color changes into a golden brown.Switch off the flame and add the water immediately and stir(be very careful at this time as the caramel is very hot and this might splash).Keep this aside.**
Further preparation
-Mix together the flour and baking powder.Sieve this 2 times and keep aside.***
-In a blender add the eggs and sugar and blend till the sugar dissolves completely.Pour this into a bowl.
-Now add ghee(reserve 1 tbsp from the 1/4 cup ghee for greasing the pressure cooker and add the rest),lime juice into the egg mixture and mix well using a wooden spoon.
-Add the flour*** and mix,now add the sugar syrup**,half of the nuts and raisins and mix everything well using the wooden spoon.
-Heat a medium size pressure cooker and add the reserved 1 tbsp ghee and swirl the cooker so that the ghee is well coated on the sides and bottom of the pressure cooker.
-Now pour this cake batter into the pressure cooker and top it with the remaining nuts and raisins. Immediately close the lid (there is no need to put the weight/whistle while cooking).Place the cooker on a medium low flame.
-Cook for about 45 to 50 minutes,check in between after 30 minutes by opening the lid and inserting a toothpick.
-When the cake is done switch off the flame and open the lid.After 5 minutes,run a knife around the edges of the pressure cooker and take the cake out.
-Cut into pieces and serve.
*To prepare this cake, I didn't use a separator or another cake tin inside the pressure cooker instead just poured the cake batter directly into the pressure cooker,I use this pressure cooker only for cakes or making sweets or just to boil Carrots or Potatoes and not for anything spicy like the curries etc..
*You can also prepare this cake in a cake pan (a non stick pan) or if using a pressure cooker wash properly 2-3 times in hot water or boil little water in the pressure cooker then discard the water and then use.

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