Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Panineer Petti

This is again a very popular malabar dish,mostly served at parties.A sweet filling is filled inside the pancake and then folded like a square box(petti),and again such a pancake is made with the filling and the previous stuffed and folded pancake is placed at the center of the second pancake and folded again.This layering goes on from two to three or even five.At last a sugar syrup mixed with a few drops of Rose water(panineer) is poured on top.
      My Uppa (Dad) told me that this dish was something very special during his school days,and was prepared only on very special occasions mainly for the bridegroom and his family members.Also it was layered least from five to seven or more...and looked like a huge square box and the funniest part was this was served as a starter....hehe just imagine how they would have completed rest of their meal.
   But now a days this is found less at parties.And even if it is made it is made just in two layers.And in the sugar syrup mostly no one uses the rose essence.This can also be served as a snack without the sugar syrup. 
1.For the filling
Eggs    4 (reserve 2 yolks for the batter)
Sugar    21/2-3 tbsp
Cashew nuts (broken)   1 tbsp
Raisins           1 tbsp
Cardamom powder    1/2 tsp
Ghee             2 tsp
2.For the batter
Egg yolks           2 (the reserved ones)
Maida/APF       1 cup
Water                11/2cup
Salt                    1/2 tsp
3.For the syrup
Water          4 tbsp
Sugar          3 tbsp
Rose water (panineer)1-2 drops(optional)
/Cardamom crushed   2-3
 Preparing Method(filling)
-In a small bowl mix the eggs (apart from the 2 yolks) along with the sugar and beat well.Keep this aside.
-Heat a nonstick pan ,add ghee and then the cashew nuts and raisins.When the nuts turn golden brown and the raisins puff pour the egg and sugar mixture.Stir the mixture continuously till you get a scrambled form.Add cardamom powder,mix and switch off the flame.
To prepare the batter
-In a large bowl add all the ingredients mentioned under 2 and mix well using a balloon whisk to form a thin and smooth batter(without any lumps).
Preparing the syrup
-Heat the sugar and water in a small saucepan.When it turns sticky add the essence/cardamom powder and switch off the flame.Can add 2-3 drops of lime juice to prevent it from crystallizing.
Further procedure
-Heat a non stick pan.Pour a ladle of the batter,swirl the pan and make a thin pancake.
-When the top part dries,transfer the pancake onto a plate.Add a little filling at the center of the pan cake(the top part) and fold all four sides of the pancake inwards forming a box-''petti''.
-Now prepare another pan cake the same way and transfer onto the plate and again add a little filling at the center and this time before folding the sides place the first filled pancake also at the center(on top of the filling) and then fold all the sides inwards.(Refer the images below)
-Place the folded end downwards and give a small cross cut at the center.
-Now place this on a small plate,pour 2-3 tsp of sugar syrup on top(into the cut section too)and garnish with a cherry and serve.

*The pancakes should be very thin so once you pour the batter swirl the pan as soon as possible.
*You can take out the pancakes from the pan when the top part(the batter) dries up completely and the sides of the pancake start to leave the frying pan.
*Smear a little oil onto the pan before pouring the batter if you feel the pan cakes might stick to the pan.
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