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Muttayappam very commonly known as Muttasurka or Muttasirka in our homeland;is one of the traditional recipe of the North Malabar.This is served mostly as a breakfast with a non veg curry.This is prepared by blending egg and rice and then frying.This is also made without eggs and sometimes cooked in Kaara/aebleskive pan and used as snacks.I have already posted the Kaara appam
You can serve Muttasurka with Mutton Curry or Beef Curry which is a very good combination.Now on to the recipe
White rice/Raw rice   1 cup
Cooked parboiled rice 1 cup minus 2 tsp
Egg  1
Salt  as needed
Water   to grind
Oil  to deep fry 

-Wash and soak the rice for 2-3 hours.
-In a blender add the soaked rice,cooked rice,egg and salt.Add very little water (just to grind the mixture).Blend till smooth.Pour this into a bowl.
-Heat oil in an iron wok.When it turns hot (not smoky hot) pour a ladle full of the batter.The flame should be on medium high.Wait till it puffs up,then turn it the other side and cook till both sides are done.
-Take it out using a slotted spoon on a tissue paper and serve.


  1. This dish is really new to me, but the ingredients you used are very familiar to me. Awesome, filling breakfast ! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Never tried this, and was never made by my umma too, but have heard of this... nicely puffed up...

  3. hello... this are so yummy!! :))
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  4. Ohhh, drooling. One of my fav, bringing back memories when mum used to make for us.

  5. Beautifully puffed up and looks like it's easy to make too

  6. I don't think I have tried this before. Anything with curry is good for me.

  7. Never heard of this. Feels like appam batter deep fried.. Looks inviting.. I'm sure it will taste heavenly with mutton gravy :)

  8. Interesting recipe !!!.looks like a rice poori .

  9. I never heard of these before , they sound yummy, plus its made of rice flour.

  10. Priya @asmallbite
    Never heard of this recipe and sorry for the late comment dear,tied up with some hectic schedule...

  11. They look so soft, fluffy and delicious..

  12. very interesting recipe!! nice clicks!!

  13. Tasty & delicious muttayappam..........a perfect breakfast recipe.

  14. Never heard of this ..Looks very yummy and delicious too

  15. woah! this looks so tasty and soft
    thanks alot for this :)


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